Superheroes are nice and always say hello at Crim Primary School

Superheroes are nice and always say hello at Crim Primary School

No need to call on a superhero to come rescue and solve any problems at the Crim Primary School in Bridgewater.

The school already has enough of its superheroes on site

Many of the students at the school arrived on Thursday, September 22, wearing the costume of their favorite superhero.

 Even the staff, including Principal KelliannTenKate and Nurse Gretchen English, came dressed on a day that was one of the five celebrated during the Crim Primary School’s “Start With Hello Week.”

Principal TenKate explained about this special week that is oozing with positive and friendly themes.

"Start With Hello Week is something our students and staff have participated in each year since I have been the Principal at Crim School,” Principal TenKate said about the fourth “Start With Hello Week:”

She continued to enforce the message of this week.

 “It is important to dedicate time to making new social connections and creating a sense of belonging among students.  As educators, it is our responsibility to teach students to increase inclusivity and empathy with their classmates."

The week began on Monday, September 19, as “Hey Day.” The message was for students to remember to say hi, hello, hey or any other appropriate greeting to someone in your classroom or during any other part of the day.

Tuesday, September 20, was titled “Random Acts of Kindness Day.” The children were reminded to do something kind for someone that day.

The following day on Wednesday, September  21, was called ”Wear Red and Black Day.’

Students were urged to show their school spirit by wearing red or black, the official colors of Crim.

“Superhero Day,” on September 22 was well received by children and adults alike.

This precious week will cap with “Say Something Nice Day” being celebrated on Friday, September 23. The message on this final day is to remember to speak kind words throughout the day.

“The main purpose of this week is to teach students about inclusivity and empathy for others,’ said Principal TenKate, who was dressed as Batwoman to celebrate Superhero Day.

 Her sidekick superhero, Nurse English, wore the outfit of Wonder Woman.

“We want our students to make new social connections so no kid ever feels isolated when they come to school,” Principal TenKate declared. 

This school is stocked with superheroes who are kind and compassionate and always say “Hello.”