Sun shined bright during Crim's 4th Grade Chorus concert

Sun shined bright during Crim's 4th Grade Chorus concert

Their voices shined as bright as the sun.

That is the message that the 4th Grade Chorus at the Crim Primary School delivered to an attentive audience that included their families, friends and the Crim faculty and staff as well members of the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District Board of Education.

A splendid 4th Grade Chorus concert that was titled “Sun is a risin in my soul’” was presented on Friday, April 28, at Crim.

The 4th Grade choral students, under the superb guidance of Heather Diaforli-Day, Crim’s K-4 Music Teacher, tuned up their performance with the song “I’m Growing Up.”

Then they delivered a wonderful rendition of “The Star Spangled Banner.”

Then they followed with sound performances of: 

“Thank You For Sunshine/Sevens”

“Yonder Come Day”

“Cantamos (We Sing!)”

“Thula, Thula, Ngoana”

“Don't Give up on Me”



Ms. Diaforli-Day, who was accompanied by Christopher Fortin during the show, conducted what she felt was a wonderful performance by her gifted students.

“Our fourth graders brought their voices together to share their music and positive messages with the audience today,” Ms. Diaforli-Day proclaimed. “I am so proud of them. They sounded beautiful and touched hearts today.”