STEAM Expo 2024 was a big hit at Crim

STEAM Expo 2024 was a big hit at Crim

The Crim Primary School STEAM Expo was a huge attraction on the evening of Thursday, March 14.

Crim served as the host to 75 of its students in Grades 3 and 4, who participated in the STEAM Expo 2024.

STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math.

According to Principal Kelliann Ten Kate, the STEAM Expo is an opportunity for students to focus on a personal interest and create a project - students then have an opportunity to share their project with peers and family members in an exciting and engaging setting.

 Project types included: inventions, experiments, demonstrations/models, and research, Principal Ten Kate reported.  

“Special thanks to Tate Hoffman, Grade 3 teacher and Crim School Science Coordinator, for organizing this event.  Additional thanks to the following Crim staff members (Kim McGrath, Julie Kreutzer, Steph Stark, Jeanne Faryna, Kris Ackerman, Andrea Perry, Camilla Giannattasio, Sarah Attanasio, Abby Goldstein, Avani Morales, Jess Gallucci, Dayna Lombardo, Dara Stivala, Jack Galida, and Megan Smoliga) for volunteering their time to make this annual event a success,” Principal Ten Kate said.