Sounds of Spring were sweet to listen to at Crim's 4th Grade Spring Chorus Concert

Sounds of Spring were sweet to listen to at Crim's 4th Grade Spring Chorus Concert

Under Elizabeth Kane, their passionate and devoted Music Instructor, the Crim Primary School 4th Grade chorus students delivered a robust performance on Friday, April 19.

The Crim Primary School 4th Grade's Spring Chorus Concert was held to the delight of the audiences twice that day.

The entire student body and staff were treated to the concert in the morning. Then, the families and friends and Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District administrators enjoyed an afternoon matinee.

The  “Sounds of Spring” song list began when the students sang the Crim School Song. J’Entend Le Moulin, a French Canadian folk song, followed. Then the chorus played their recorders during their presentation of Rockin Recorders. They then performed Blessing and Echo before they capped the concert with the Best Day Of My Life.

The 4th Grade chorus followed the lead of their leader, Ms. Kane, who described the process that her students had made.

  "I am so thankful for all the hard work the kids and school community put into this concert!  It's really amazing when you think about it.  Here come these 8- and 9-year-olds, and maybe you expect it to be cute at best.” Ms. Kane said. “But then they sing, and you are like- Wow, that was a tight harmony, and they can hold their part, and then you are like, I totally didn't expect them to pronounce foreign languages correctly, and then they whip out recorders and jam to a rock song showing their complex fine motor skills, and then they start drumming while singing, and you think man these kids can count!” 

She felt that these young singers were talented and had an unlimited future.

“So in the end, you're thinking these kids are awesome.  And that's the magic of Crim and of Bridgewater-Raritan primaries in general, they inspire all the adults to take a second glance and really consider what a 9-year-old can do, and really appreciate the potential in these kids,” Ms. Kane stated.

Ms. Kane made a positive impression in her first year at Crim and shared her appreciation for the school’s leader, Crim Principal Kalliann TenKate.

 I am so grateful for Mrs. Ten Kate, who supported our choral program all year and helped guide me through my first year at Crim.  I am also thankful for our 4th Grade team of teachers who did so much to help the kids really sparkle,” Ms. Kane revealed.

She added:

“These concerts make me proud to be a Crim Colt!" 

Click below to view the entire program and the names of the 4th Grade Chorus students


Crim's 4th Grade Spring Chorus Concert