Kansas City Chiefs are crowned Crim's Souper Bowl champions

Kansas City Chiefs are crowned Crim's Souper Bowl champions

The Kansas City Chiefs are the Souper Bowl champions for 2024.

That is Souper Bowl not the NFL’s iconic Super Bowl championship that will be determined before a world-wide audience on Sunday, February 11.

The Crim Primary School sponsored its seventh Souper Bowl that kicked off on Monday, January 29 and ended when the clock hit zero on Friday, February 9. 

This hearty food drive that is deeply absorbed by the Crim Primary School community is a collection of canned and boxed food items, which are then donated to the Somerset Food Bank.

The head coach in this worthy cause is once again Gretchen English, the dedicated nurse at Crim. 

“We are extremely grateful for the generosity of our Crim families who are helping people with food insecurities,’’ said Ms. English, who has been the spearhead of this project for all seven years.

Students and staff donated to this worthy cause by placing items in two bins that were stationed in the school’s lobby. Each bin was labeled by the teams in Super Bowl LVIII—the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers.

Students put their items in the bin of the team that they feel will be the recipient of the Lombardi Trophy, which is presented to the Super Bowl winning team.

According to the Crim forecasters, Kansas City is the team that is favored to emerge as the Super Bowl champion.

There were a total of 1,248 items or points donated to the bin reserved for the Chiefs. That outscored the total of 781 for the 49ers. 

Scoring is done by the amount of items. As an example, Kansas City or San Francisco would receive six points if a student placed a six-pack of juice boxes in that team’s bin.
So the important score was the total of 2,029 that will be carted off by the Somerset Food Bank 

Ms. English also reported that the Somerset Food Bank will weigh the goods, which also include personal care items, and present that number to Crim once finished. 

Last year, the weight of the collection came out to 1,900 pounds.

“We hope to come close to that figure,’’ Ms. English said. 

Now, the pressure is on the Chiefs to win the Super Bowl since they have already won a very important Souper Bowl thanks to a caring Crim Primary School community.