Field Day was a field of fun and games at Crim

Field Day was a field of fun and games at Crim

The temperatures soared but so did the participants—-and the valuable volunteer workers.

The hot and sunny Friday morning of June 2 just fueled  the enthusiasm of the landscape at the field and gym at the Crim Primary School.

Crim’s highly popular Field Day, an annual event, was coordinated by the school’s Physical Education Teachers while staff members and the loyal Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) all lent a hand to assist during a day that boasted six events.The

Crim students—dressed in shirts of white, green, red and blue according to their grades—participated in tug of war, potato sack race, bean bag relay, water sponge relay, tic tac toe race and the over/under water relay.

“The kids have been practicing and they are super excited,” said Bryan Hedgecock, one of the school’s phys ed teachers. “And we have water events that will cool them off.”

Crim Principal Kelliann TenKate lauded the efforts of her staff and the outside assistance.

“I can not thank our phys ed department for the amount of work they ou tinto this,” Principal TenKate said. “And our PTO helped us purchase the shirts.”

A visit at the conclusion of the games by an Italian Ice truck was a welcome treat.

“What a better way to end a week after you came back from a  six-day break,” Principal TenKate declared.