Crim students will be on patrol to provide safety this school year

Crim students will be on patrol to provide safety this school year

The Crim Primary School community is in safe hands.

A devoted group of 4th Graders from the school will see to that.

These 32 eager students comprise the Crim Primary School Safety Patrol.

Under the guidance of their advisor, Dawn Sprinitis, and Crim Principal Kelliann TenKate, these students will be on patrol inside and outside of the building—and even on the buses—before and after school.

A ceremony to officially recognize these 32 students was held when the Safety Patrol Induction Round 1 was held in Crim’s All Purpose Room on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 19.

According to Ms. Sprinitis, Round 1 is for the students who will serve on the patrol for the first half of the school year and Round 2 will be for another group of 30-plus students who will participate in the safety patrol during the second half of the school year in 2024. That Round 2 induction ceremony, she said, will be held in February.

“We have so many kids who want to be on the patrol so we have two rounds,” explained Ms. Sprinitis, who is an Intervention Specialist at Crim.

During the ceremony, Ms. Sprinitis broadcasted a video slideshow to cover all of the numerous tasks and roles that the students must follow while performing their duties. 

Ms. Sprinitis often touched on during her presentation that the safety patrol must be respectful and courteous while always alerting an adult if an issue arises.

Once she and Principal TenKate answer the questions asked by the patrol members, students then performed a pledge of commitment that was delivered by Bridgewater Township Police Department’s Kurt Bernhard, who is a Class III Officer.

The ceremony at Crim on September 19 also included another security official, Greg Brooks, who is in his first year as a Campus Monitor for the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional School District. Crim staff members were also in attendance during the event.

And everyone pitched in to help the students put on their safety patrol belts.

“This safety patrol is an opportunity for these students to become role models and inspire them to be future leaders,” Ms. Sprinitis said.