Crim students meet their pen pals during pizza party

Crim students meet their pen pals during pizza party

Age has no bearing on the friendships that have been developed between students at the Crim Primary School and residents of a local rehabilitation and nursing facility.

The 4th Grade students in Dayna Lombardo’s class at Crim formed a connection—and a bond–-with the residents of the Somerset Woods Rehabilitation and Nursing Center in Somerset.

 And, after a school year when there was a constant flow of correspondence between the Crim students and residents of the home, both sides met face to face—virtually.

For the second straight year when school was winding down, Somerset Hills officials ordered pizza for their residents and Ms. Lombardo’s students to celebrate their friendship. 

On Tuesday afternoon, May 28, the students chowed down on their pizza while each and every student met their pen pal on the video screen. Each student and their pen pal at  Somerset Woods participated in a short but quite friendly conversation that usually touched on where the student would go on vacation this summer or what sports and interests they have.

Ms. Lombardo explained this friendship connection.

“Last school year I connected with Danah Petit at Somerset Woods to set up a pen pal program between her residents and my students,” Ms. Lombardo said. “Throughout the year, we exchanged letters and holiday cards. At the end of the year, Somerset Woods ordered pizza for their residents and the kids, and they got to meet each other virtually.”
That relationship blossomed this year.

“This year was our second year running the program. We got started even earlier than last year, so kids and residents were able to exchange several rounds of letters. There is such a social-emotional benefit on both sides, and I always love a little authentic writing practice for my students,” Ms. Lombardo revealed.

Ms. Lombardo reported how much this virtual pizza party meant to her students.

“After we were done today, the kids commented on how much they really loved to be able to talk to their pen pal and put a face to the name they’ve been writing all year.”