Crim School Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

The safety of our students is of great importance to all of us at Crim School. Two potentially dangerous times are the arrival and dismissal times of the school day. With your full cooperation, I believe that we can ensure the students' safety. 

We prefer that students that are assigned to buses ride the school bus. If your child is a walker or on occasion you must drive your child, please be aware of the following: 


  • There is no supervision prior to 8:25am. Do not drop students off early.
  • Parents utilizing Before Care must park in a spot (not a reserved spot) and walk students into the building. Do not leave your car running.  If you arrive late to school with a student, you must enter the office with the child and sign the student in late. Children entering the building after the 8:35am bell are marked tardy. 
  • Cars dropping off students should drive straight back on the right hand side of the building and turn around at the rear of the playground blacktop. Please do not make a k-turn near the loading zone. Never drop off at the front curb, as that area is reserved for buses only. 
  • Never pass other cars. Always wait your turn to pull up to the curb. Have children exit from the passenger side of your car only. Staff will be present at 8:20am to assist. 
  • Yield to pedestrians that may be crossing the parking area, or school buses accessing the front curb when you are exiting. 
  • Always respect the direction of the staff stationed outdoors. They are assigned there to monitor students' safety and ensure the smooth flow of traffic. 


  • If you are ever taking home a student other than your own child, the office must have written permission from the student's parent/guardian allowing you to sign out their child. 
  • Please do not make a habit of pulling your child out of school before dismissal. This impacts learning, as well as disrupts the classroom routines. Early releases should be for emergencies only. They are recorded on the student's official attendance record, and you must provide a reason. 
  • Please do not arrive before 2:45pm if you are picking up your child/ren at dismissal. Please exit the dismissal room promptly after signing out your child, once you have the student.
  • Walkers must be signed out and picked up from the dismissal room. 
  • Parents of walkers are required to complete additional dismissal paperwork and return immediately at the beginning of school.

There will be school small vans on the side of the school at dismissal to pick up students. Parents must always use parking spots and may not park along curbs near the gym or block the loading zone. 

Remember that the front parking lot is for staff only. Parents should not park there when dropping off or picking up.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation at the start of the school year. Within the first week, our routines become established and efficient. We appreciate your attention to these safety rules.

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