One & All - Community Update - October 25, 2019

Dear Members of the B-R Community,


Our Mission: We will teach Them, One and All

2019-2020 Focus: We will always focus on what is best for our students.


Following up on our recent forum, the resources listed below are available on our website, here:

    1.      the full video of the event

             ○       In the description box, there is a list of highlights with corresponding timestamps.

             ○       Clicking on any timestamp allows you to jump directly to a specific part of the event.

    2.      the powerpoint presentation made by Dr. Bert Mandelbaum explaining the research on student wellness and start times


At the next meeting of the Board, the members will continue the discussion and determine our next steps.


Thank you for your continued collaboration.


All the best,

Russell Lazovick