2021-2022 Educator of the Year and Educational Services Professional Staff Recognition


On Wednesday, May 4, 2022, the BREA-sponsored Staff Recognition Reception was held in person for the first time in two years to honor the 2021-2022 Governor’s Educator of the Year and Educational Services Professional award recipients.  The gathering was well attended by staff, administrators, Board members, and family members as we joined together to celebrate the accomplishments of our recipients.  

Included here is a link to the electronic booklet that was distributed at the event.  

To those of you who were able to attend, thank you for joining us to congratulate our recipients who were most deserving of this honor. 

Below are pictures of our distinguished honorees.

Educator of the Year

2021-2022 Honorees for Educator of the Year

Pictured from left to right; Michelle McCann (Adamsville), Barbara O’Donnell (Bradley Gardens), Jessica Gallucci (Crim), Katherine Ferges (Hamilton), Michele MacMath (JFK), Shannon Chartowich (Milltown), Jill Cenzano (Van Holten), Tiffany DeSesso (Eisenhower), Sean Smith (Hillside), Carla Fernandez (BRMS), Chris Black (BRHS - not pictured)

Educational Services Professional

2021-2022 Educational Services Professional Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right; Shannon Smith (Adamsville), Diane Finnegan (Bradley Gardens), Karen Gartling (Crim-not pictured), Jamie Vinciguerra (Hamilton), Elizabeth LoPiccolo (JFK), JoAnn Borell (Milltown), Gay Tevlin (Van Holten), Georgeann Natale (Eisenhower-not pictured), Tina Guerra (Hillside), Mario Benevento (BRMS), Laura Karns (BRHS)